CrossFit Inguz is a 7000 square foot warehouse gym located at 90 Leonard Drive in Groton, CT serving the Mystic, Groton, New London, and Waterford surrounding area. We specialize in strength and conditioning training geared towards helping individuals and teams reach their true fitness potential. We employ CrossFit training methodologies through the practice of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. We combine proven training methods from weight lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning (cardio) to produce improvements across a broad range of athletic performance (Strength, Speed, Agility, Coordination, Flexibility, etc.). However, CrossFit is not limited to elite level athletes. CrossFit is universally scaleable, meaning that it is applicable to all levels of fitness. Regardless of whether you are a Division I football player, a 70 year-old grandmother, or someone who has never picked up a weight in your life, CrossFit will allow you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

At CrossFit Inguz we pride ourselves on providing you with the best level of instruction possible. We are constantly striving to improve ourselves to provide you with a better experience. Each one of our coaches is passionate about CrossFit and about helping our members reach their fitness goals. Whether it’s getting your first pull-up or training for a triathlon, we share in each and everyone one of your successes.

Most importantly, at CrossFit Inguz we are a community. This is not a typical globo gym. Each member who walks through our doors is part of our family. We train incredibly hard, but we train together…we struggle together and we succeed together. The intensity level of the workouts creates a bond between our members that is unmatched anywhere else. We are all brothers and sisters…we are all CrossFit Inguz.

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 90 Leonard Drive Groton, CT