Inguz_Crossfit-0125-BWI started CrossFit a little over two years ago.  A friend really recommended I give CrossFit Inguz a try after telling her I was in need of something different for a workout.  This was about 2 months after I had broken my wrist.  I had just got the cast off and still had to wear a brace, but she had gotten me excited and I was impatient to try this out.  The coaches at CrossFit Inguz were immediately accommodating and modified the workouts to adapt to my injury.  A couple of months later and I bruised a rib snowboarding, so I was back on the injured list.  When I was finally able go back it was Memorial Day in May.  I was on my way thinking, “Maybe CrossFit will be closed today because it’s a holiday!  And I can go to the beach!”  I walked into a little workout called ‘Murph’.  Apparently CrossFit doesn’t close on holidays.

Now that I’ve just completed my third Memorial Day ‘Murph’, I can look back on how much I have changed over the past 2+ years.  I went from spending two days per week in my car in a parking lot down the road, trying to convince myself to go in (many times I left and went home), to now, when I get really upset if I can’t make it to the box 6 days per week.

For someone who really thought they were not cut out for CrossFit (I am not competitive, I hate the gym, and I have never desired to be a “strong” girl), I certainly have become addicted.  I was having fun at CrossFit.  The encouragement from the coaches was infectious.  They celebrate every one of your personal wins with you.  The coaches push you when they know you can get there.  Seeing someone else have confidence in you has got to be the most strength building exercise there is.  I started being able to do things I have never been able to do….rope climbs…pull-ups.  And then I started being able to do things I never even knew existed…chest to bar pull-ups, handstand push-ups, double unders, pistol squats??? I even placed third in our first CrossFit Inguz internal competition with my partner (who I also convinced to join CrossFit)!!  I was able to do all of this with the constant, contagious, positive encouragement from the coaches and the other athletes at Inguz.  We empower each other at every workout.  When we run by each other there is always a “good job”, or a “keep it up”, or my favorite, “last round…almost done”.  This is such a habit now that I accidentally said it to a woman one day when I was just running on my street. I think she appreciated it though.

So after thinking about it, I am completely cut out for CrossFit.  I am competitive, but with myself.  I want to push harder, and lift heavier than last time.  I’m not competing with the person next to me because when they finish, they are cheering me on from their own little sweat puddle on the floor.  I do still hate the gym.  But that’s because I hate the boring routine of using the same machine all by yourself over and over again.  I prefer the constantly varied workouts that are prescribed at CrossFit.  And I prefer going through them with a group of friends.  I may have never wanted to be strong, but now that I am, I love it.  I have changed physically, but pushing myself to show up and do everything better than before has made me mentally and emotionally stronger as well.  I am the most confident now than I have ever been, and I have always wanted that strength.  So if you think CrossFit is not for you, you are wrong.

What I am most happy about is that I also convinced my sister to join CrossFit.  She started to see these changes in me, and while it may have taken a while and a whole lot of persuading, she went from calling me and my workouts “crazy” to deadlifting more than I can, pushing herself harder than I have ever seen, and maybe even front squatting a couple of her employees because she was so excited to show them what she could do!!  It’s great to do something for yourself, but to see someone you love start to make a big change in their life is even more rewarding.  She is in the best shape I have ever seen, and also much happier and confident!!  To me this is a true testament to CrossFit and it’s benefits.  So a huge thank you to CrossFit Inguz, all the awesome coaches they have chosen, and also all my fellow athletes.