inguz_5A while back, a coworker of mine asked me to try a “new gym”. I thank God she did not tell me where we were going. I walked in and there were the strongest people I had ever seen in real life. My coworker and I went through the initial workout and two sessions later, she had to leave the gym. I had never quit anything in my life and I didn’t want to start, so I decided I would stick it out. Each time I went I couldn’t help but think…“I do NOT belong here. I mean really, I teach kindergarten, I’m older than the majority of these people, and I don’t know what an AMRAP is. Does this “goat work” involve some kind of goat?” Needless to say, I was WAAAY out of my comfort zone.

No one ever told me (and it’s not in the fine print) that CrossFit Inguz is a place that houses Super Heroes. I looked around at all of these strong “people” and wondered how they had muscles in places that I didn’t think muscles could grow. I didn’t get far with my thoughts before someone was there telling me that I was doing a good job. These same people were also asking me to do things I didn’t think my body could do. Things I NEVER thought I could…but then a funny thing happened. They must have sprinkled fairy dust or said some magic words, because all of a sudden I DID what they asked. I may not have done it in exactly the same way, but in my own way I did what I never thought possible.

Today I am blessed to call many of these heroes my friends that I would do anything for. I feel so excited and proud when one of us does something we were unable to before. True heroes are not just strong on the outside, but they inspire you to be strong on the inside, to value what you bring to the table, and the efforts you put forth. They encourage you. Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous, but every once in a while I find that I can pull from my inner strength. Come to find out, this kindergarten teacher is actually stronger than she thought.