inguz_17I can still remember how I felt on January 26, 2014, my first CrossFit experience. My hands were clammy and my heart was about ready to beat out of my chest. My friend at the time, who is actually now my fiancé, told me I needed to give CrossFit a try. He told me what to expect for the WOD (WOD, what the heck was that?) and all I remember from that day is that it involved rowing. Oh, and he told me not to be nervous (easy for him to say). I remember walking in and seeing some other people there that clearly had been doing CrossFit for quite some time. I wanted to turn around and walk out, but I remembered that I didn’t drive. We warmed up and I was already sweating bullets in a warehouse that when I walked in just 20 minutes before, was shivering cold. Then the WOD started. It is safe to assume that I was the last one to finish (I had never rowed in my life!), but I distinctly remember everyone in the class coming over to cheer me on, people that didn’t even know me!! It was a fantastic feeling. Even though I finished last, it felt great just to finish.

What can I say? I was immediately addicted. I was in the worst pain that I had ever felt, but I wanted to go back the next day, and the next day. Kevin, my fiancé, told me it would be a good idea to start logging my workouts, so I did. He told me that it gives you a good snapshot of then and now.  This way you can determine where changes need to be made and show you where you have improved. I love looking back at where I started, and seeing how far I have come. It makes me love CrossFit even more!! I can see my progression of just using the empty barbell in workouts to being able to do the Rx’d weight now. In years past, working out involved hopping on a treadmill, jogging, and then stopping after I was bored…which only took about 20 minutes. Now, workouts consist of pull-ups, atlas stones, handstand push-ups, back squatting and deadlifting more than my body weight, and other complex lifts that I never dreamt of doing. It’s rare that I don’t make it to the box five to six times a week. All of this is possible because of everyone at CrossFit Inguz. I am even signing myself up for competitions because I love the challenge!!

I was never excited about going to the gym, until CrossFit. I also never got nervous or got butterflies about going to a gym, until CrossFit. I sometimes get nervous before a WOD because I am afraid I won’t be able to complete something, but I always do, and that’s worth the jitters. As soon as the clock counts down 10, 9, 8…1, my mind focuses purely on the workout and the nervousness goes away.

CrossFit in general means many things to me. It means toughness, fitness, power, balance, hope, never giving up, passion, but most importantly, community. When I first started everyone said that CrossFit is a community, I didn’t believe them. They immediately proved me wrong. The coaches and other members at Inguz text you, Facebook you, or e-mail you asking where you are if you haven’t been at the gym in a couple of days. They come over to cheer you on as soon as they are done working out, no matter how out of breath they are. Coaches will go and run with you on your last round to keep you motivated and make sure you give it your all!! When people say CrossFit is a “cult”, I challenge them to come and try it and not walk away wanting more.

Here’s my last tidbit about CrossFit. It’s about setting goals. It’s about accomplishing them, no matter how long it takes, then making another set of goals and never stopping. I thank God, my loving fiancé got my love for CrossFit started, and everyone on the Inguz team, especially the coaches, for never giving up on us and always pushing us so we don’t have any regrets for tomorrow.