Nicole…Taco Belle


**Thanksgiving Week Hours**
Thursday: 7am and 9am “Fight Gone Bad”
Friday: 8am MOVE 45, 9am Group Class, 10am-12pm Open Gym, 12pm Group Class


Inguz Update: Below is a breakdown of the programming for the week.

Monday: Back Squat + WOD (After Party: Body Armor)
WOD (After Party: Strict Gymnastics)
3 Position Power Snatch + WOD (After Party: Bench Press)
“Fight Gone Bad” (Two Classes ONLY 7am and 9am)
Friday: Tempo Deadlift + WOD (After Party: Front Squat)
Saturday: Team WOD (Olympic Lifting Class: Clean & Jerk)
Sunday: Strict Press + WOD (Olympic Cycling)



3×5 Back Squat

* 15 minutes to complete  sets of 5 reps…across or climbing. Perform 3-4 warm-up sets prior to the working sets.



“Taco Bell”

9 Minute AMRAP:
35 Double Unders (70 Single Unders)
25 Air Squats
15 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1.0 pood)

* Post rounds and reps completed to the whiteboard.


After Party

1. Body Armor
3 Giant Sets:
14 Front Rack Step Back Lunges
21 Glute Bridges
Rest 3 Minutes Between Sets