2020 Inguz Nation Throwdown Today!!



The heat assignments and timeline for the Throwdown can be found at the link below…


The gym will be open at 8:00 am for check in. There will be a MANDITORY athlete briefing at 8:30 am. All teams must be present for this briefing, as we will be going over the workout standards and general logistics for the day. The first heat will start at 9:00 am SHARP. Please take a look at the heat assignments at the link above so you have an idea of the schedule for the day. We are going to do our best to stick to this schedule as closely as possible. In order to do that we will need your help. Please make sure you know when your designated heat time is, and that you are warmed-up and ready to go as soon as the previous heat finishes. This will allow us to get you set up in your lane, assign a judge, and answer any questions you might have on the workout.

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun and we hope everyone is excited to participate. As always, friends and family are more than welcome to attend.


WOD #1 – “DBs & BJs”

For Time (18 minute time cap):
10-20-30-40-50 Dumbbell Snatches
*After Each Round*
20 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk
10 Synchro Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rx: 50/35# Dumbbell
Scaled: 35/20# Dumbbell

* Dumbbell snatches and hang clean & jerks must be split up evenly between partners. Snatches are alternating arms every rep, hang clean & jerks are alternating arms every 5 reps. For the synchro burpee box jump overs, both partners must be on the floor at the same time. No other portion of the box jump over needs to be synchronized.


WOD #2 – “Pew, Pew”

6 Rounds for Time (15 minute time cap):
30/20 Calorie Row (Scaled: 25/15 Calorie Row)
Nerf Gun Target Shoot (3 shots)

5 T2B + Shuttle Sprint Penalty for each missed shot.

* Alternate full rounds with your partner. Partner cannot start the next round until the penalty laps have been completed. Scale for the toes-to-bar is hanging knee raises.


WOD #3 – “The 11th Hour”

For Time (11 minute time cap):
20 Double Unders
18 Squat Cleans Rx (135/95#) Scaled (75/45#)
40 Double Unders
15 Squat Cleans Rx (155/105#) Scaled (95/65#)
60 Double Unders
12 Squat Cleans Rx (185/115#) Scaled (115/75#)
80 Double Unders
9 Squat Cleans Rx (205/125#) Scaled (135/95#)
100 Double Unders
6 Squat Cleans Rx (225/145#) Scaled (155/105#)

* Split up reps as needed between partners. Each partner must complete at least 20 total squat cleans. Squat cleans can be a power clean into a front squat. Single unders for scaled division are 30-60-90-120-150 reps.