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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals is an introductory course that will expose you to the movements we do in our group classes, explain the why behind our program, and discuss basic nutrition strategies. The program consists of 5 total sessions where you will meet with one of our coaches in a small group setting. These sessions will give you all the tools you need to be successful at CrossFit Inguz.

What do we do in the Fundamentals sessions?
Each Fundamentals session is set up to flow just like our classes do. Each day starts off with a general warm up and dynamic stretching routine to get us moving. Next, you will learn the skills for the day. This portion makes up a bulk of the hour. After you feel confident in the new movements we cap the day off with a short workout, which incorporates some of the movements that we’ve learnt.
I've heard that CrossFit is that true?
Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous. By going through Fundamentals, you are learning the correct way to move and approach workouts. Once in classes you are under the watchful eye of a coach whose sole purpose is to push you to challenge yourself while maintaining a safe environment. CrossFit done correctly is not dangerous.
Wait...what is CrossFit again?
To be nerdy, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at relatively high intensity. All that means is we do a bunch of different workouts, comprised of body-weight movements, conditioning work, and strength training. We workout in a group setting that is motivating and encouraging. We challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves.
What do I wear?
Clothes and shoes that you are comfortable moving in. Make sure they are clothes you are ok sweating in. You will sweat. In the nicer months certain sessions take us outside for some running if the weather permits it.
This sounds great! How do I sign up?
To sign up for Fundamentals simply fill out the contact form below. Let us know what class times you prefer and if you are interested in the customized nutrition plan. We will be in touch before the end of the day to discuss scheduling your first session. We look forward to working with you!
Who has to do Fundamentals?
Anyone who is new to CrossFit has to take Fundamentals. We strive to move with virtuosity. That means doing the common uncommonly well. The best place to learn new skills and hone your abilities is through our Fundamentals program in a small group setting.
What if I've done CrossFit before?
Hell yeah! Welcome to your new home. “Doing CrossFit before” means you’ve done the introductory course at another CrossFit Gym and then you were an active member there for at least 3 months. If that’s the case we’ll have you drop-in to one of our regular classes as a “test-out” session. If everything looks good then you can choose a membership option and start attending classes! On the other hand, you are always welcome to complete our Fundamentals program if you are in need of a refresher on the movements.
My significant other/friend is interested in starting, too. Can they come?
Absolutely! Just include their information in your message to us, or you can have them fill out the contact form as well. The cost will still be $179, but we do have a referral program which will get you and your friend a sweet discount off your first full month of membership with us!
How much does Fundamentals cost?
There are two price options for our Fundamentals program. Our standard Fundamentals program is $179. You can also add a customized nutrition plan on top of the program for an additional $125. Both of these options include two weeks of unlimited access to our regular group class schedule after the completion of the Fundamentals sessions.
What if I have an injury?
The beauty of CrossFit is that it can be adjusted, scaled, or modified to fit anyone’s needs. In Fundamentals we can come up with a plan on how to accommodate any injury.

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