The Paleo Grocery Card

The Paleo Grocery Card


If you are doing the Paleo Challenge and are¬†interested in getting more information on the Paleo diet and nutrition in general, I highly recommend this video series from the CrossFit Journal. It has a ton of great information in terms of the why/how. ¬†Remember that for the purposes of our challenge we will be excluding all grains and dairy, even though in Parts 3 and 4 they discuss including them based on individual toleration. Although we aren’t including a zone component to our challenge, Part 5 has some good info for those of you interested in determining how much you should be eating.

Our Paleo Challenge starts on May 19th!! The more information you can arm yourself with ahead of time, the more likely you are to succeed.


Simple Nutrition – Part 1


Simple Nutrition – Part 2


Simple Nutrition – Part 3


Simple Nutrition – Part 4


Simple Nutrition – Part 5